Humanity has endured more than any other race within the eons they have been here than any other races. Looked down upon as the weakest since their first steps on the world. Though the strangest part? They have nearly conquered the globe.

Man holds more cities in the world than the other races, however strangely they are not the most dominate power. Stepping aside from the affairs of the High Orcs and simply biding their time.

Their culture is the most prominent thing about them. So many different types are spread about over the land that it has even began to influence the other races. Giving them a good deal of sway within the cities and kings for their views.

(DM Note: Human culture is that of our world from long ago. Japan, Europe, America. Along with the specific ‘subtypes’ of humans. Indian, Native, African, Russian, Irish, ect.)

Capital City: Regional.

Acceptance level: Easily Accepted.

Despised Race: Humans tend to fight their own kind more than any other race.

Racial Perk Options:

Human’s begin with all four starting perks at creation plus an additional bonus to skills.


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