Few races within the world of _____ truly know plight like the assorted half-bloods scattered across its lands. Faced with higher challenges than their full-blood brethren they tend to be looked over for higher tasks and left to simple jobs such as groundskeeper, tending fields and livestock, and simple repair.

However, this is not the case in a good section of the world, many races look past their ‘impurities’ and accept them for who/what they are.

All races can be mixed with a multitude of proportions (Halfs, thirds, fourths, and so on) except Reptilian, Goblin, and C’Vahn.

Capital City: N/A

Acceptance level: Regional. Low to Moderate

Despised Race: Regional/Racial. Based on location and racial types

Racial Perk Options:

Half-Breeds have the option to take a passive and a feat from any race that is apart of them.

Both passive and ‘feat’ does not have to be the same race. A half-High Orc and half Aquarian can take the passive waterbreathing of the Aquarian and taggable Command of the High Orc.


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