Desert Orc

Long ago when there was one great orcish tribe, many split off and headed towards the more savage parts of the world instead of hiding behind diplomacy like their ‘weaker’ brethren.

For years they traveled until they set up their home in the great deserts. Here their bodies began to change, abandoning the greens and blacks of their kin to take the shades of reds and yellows, bleached over time from long exposure to the sun.

Over time they began to split apart into a multitude of tribes. Each lead by a High Chieftain (male or female) who is chosen for their overall worth. Challenges can be made to the leader in any form ranging from combat to craft to take the title however in fairness they these come in threes. The overall winner of the three either continues his reign or begins his life as the new leader of the specific desert Orc tribe.

Capital City: N/A

Acceptance level: Moderate

Despised Race: Anyone who crosses them. Desert Orcs do not discriminate. Your worth will determine if you are valued to them

Racial Perk Options:

All desert Orcs start with a (Tier) base SR/DR to heat based attacks and environment. Also they can go much longer without water/food than other races.

Evaluate: (Tag) A desert Orc can evaluate any person by watching them for a short time. Gaining incite to the person/Creatures abilities and weaknesses. This allows them to see things ranging from if a warrior is worth his mettle or if a craftier is capable of the job at hand. On a successful check the High Orc will gain a bonus of (Tier) to checks made against/with this person. (EX: Combat rolls, presence, saves)

Desert Orc

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