Diary Excerpt: Brinn 3

I’ve missed a few weeks. No updates since the 3rd of Hammerdown. I had been so low on energy since the volcano. Accursed heat.

‘Doch has all of his Shards now. We just have to find the right place to use them, I think. I wonder if he really knows the way to the Lady? At any rate, even if the Shards are fake & there is no lady, he has a flying ship now, so I imagine he’ll find some comfort in that.

Picked up a new passenger. Another of the scaled folk. Claims himself a holy knight, but I haven’t seen him perform any miracles. Or maybe I did, and I had grown too cynical to realize it. Its not everyday a Passenger gets sent back to hell. Looking back, it was a spectacle.

Up above the world the air is dry. My skin cracks and my eyes burn and my throat feels full of glass. I thought I was far from home when I was trudging along the ground, oh little did I know!

’Doch lowered the facade again today. I saw the leader who rallied broken wills to shrug off the chains of servitude and retake their freedom. I smelled the salt air and heard a distant conch as he gave his ultimatum, and I felt the winds shift. Any doubt I had about following him fell to dust and joined that wind.

Some nights I awake to see him walking the deck. Without fail his eyes turn to the West, as though something is calling him there. I feel it to. A pull that’s bone deep and old as the sea.

I ask myself how many other men have felt their destinies call to them in such a way? And what that fate is, glory and triumph, or certain doom? Either way I cannot resist its siren song anymore than ’Doch can.

A faith that I have never known has come upon me of late, and it has reinvigorated my body and spirit. I am stronger now than I ever was, hard and deadly as a blade, and I wonder for what battle the gods have forged so keen a weapon.



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