Captains Log

The fog clears and my soul sings. So many years I have scoured the world over and over again. Even more are the lives i consigned to the depths. Drowned in eternity. No matter, soon the faces will fade from my dreams without the constant strain of bottled spirits. Everything comes to he who waits, and I have waited so very long.

I saw her once. Aenemathera. The Goddess. My Queen. I was barely in breeches when I joined the Kings Royal Navy. The KT-C281. Strong ship. Fast. 51 years old, and nearly killed in my first voyage. We were taking food, gold and basic provisions to South Pantooth, an High Orc military base in the middle of the eastern sea. I was asleep when the cannon tore our mast from its home. I was awake with the 49 other cannons splintered and burned everything the first had not. I would die in battle having not even made it topside. Pathetic. I sank. Battered and broken. Naked, wet and freezing. Then I saw her. A lifetime of education in language wouldn’t begin to help me describe, so i wont. She was welcoming me into her kingdom. Welcoming me home. A home I have sought every day since.

I cant know who saved me. Some pirate, some scavenger, some hand, some hell. Torn from the light I’d found, into the darkness I’d become accustomed. Temporary, I tell myself. Only temporary.

Brinn is a death the world has rarely seen. A harbinger of extinction. He doesn’t tell me the fires of his heart but I feel the heat nonetheless. I believe he means to follow me to the ocean floor only to burn it down. My fear is that once he has his vengeance. Will he still consider me an alley? A friend? Or will his vengeance give no quarter and allow no Captain? Do sharks dream ambitious dreams even if they never set aside a moment for sleep?



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