Captains Log

The fog clears and my soul sings. So many years I have scoured the world over and over again. Even more are the lives i consigned to the depths. Drowned in eternity. No matter, soon the faces will fade from my dreams without the constant strain of bottled spirits. Everything comes to he who waits, and I have waited so very long.

I saw her once. Aenemathera. The Goddess. My Queen. I was barely in breeches when I joined the Kings Royal Navy. The KT-C281. Strong ship. Fast. 51 years old, and nearly killed in my first voyage. We were taking food, gold and basic provisions to South Pantooth, an High Orc military base in the middle of the eastern sea. I was asleep when the cannon tore our mast from its home. I was awake with the 49 other cannons splintered and burned everything the first had not. I would die in battle having not even made it topside. Pathetic. I sank. Battered and broken. Naked, wet and freezing. Then I saw her. A lifetime of education in language wouldn’t begin to help me describe, so i wont. She was welcoming me into her kingdom. Welcoming me home. A home I have sought every day since.

I cant know who saved me. Some pirate, some scavenger, some hand, some hell. Torn from the light I’d found, into the darkness I’d become accustomed. Temporary, I tell myself. Only temporary.

Brinn is a death the world has rarely seen. A harbinger of extinction. He doesn’t tell me the fires of his heart but I feel the heat nonetheless. I believe he means to follow me to the ocean floor only to burn it down. My fear is that once he has his vengeance. Will he still consider me an alley? A friend? Or will his vengeance give no quarter and allow no Captain? Do sharks dream ambitious dreams even if they never set aside a moment for sleep?

Diary Excerpt: Brinn 3

I’ve missed a few weeks. No updates since the 3rd of Hammerdown. I had been so low on energy since the volcano. Accursed heat.

‘Doch has all of his Shards now. We just have to find the right place to use them, I think. I wonder if he really knows the way to the Lady? At any rate, even if the Shards are fake & there is no lady, he has a flying ship now, so I imagine he’ll find some comfort in that.

Picked up a new passenger. Another of the scaled folk. Claims himself a holy knight, but I haven’t seen him perform any miracles. Or maybe I did, and I had grown too cynical to realize it. Its not everyday a Passenger gets sent back to hell. Looking back, it was a spectacle.

Up above the world the air is dry. My skin cracks and my eyes burn and my throat feels full of glass. I thought I was far from home when I was trudging along the ground, oh little did I know!

’Doch lowered the facade again today. I saw the leader who rallied broken wills to shrug off the chains of servitude and retake their freedom. I smelled the salt air and heard a distant conch as he gave his ultimatum, and I felt the winds shift. Any doubt I had about following him fell to dust and joined that wind.

Some nights I awake to see him walking the deck. Without fail his eyes turn to the West, as though something is calling him there. I feel it to. A pull that’s bone deep and old as the sea.

I ask myself how many other men have felt their destinies call to them in such a way? And what that fate is, glory and triumph, or certain doom? Either way I cannot resist its siren song anymore than ’Doch can.

A faith that I have never known has come upon me of late, and it has reinvigorated my body and spirit. I am stronger now than I ever was, hard and deadly as a blade, and I wonder for what battle the gods have forged so keen a weapon.

The Cruel Hangman
Ship and Crew

Ship: Sloop-of-War
Cannons: 1
Houses:10 Current: 10

Quartermaster: Pryderi Gruffmoon

The Moonless Queen
Ship and Crew

Ship: Frigate
Cannons: 15
Houses: 40 Current: 33

Captain: Edward “BLACKSTORM” Murdoch
1st Mate: Brinn’ann Al’Huron Theissureilia
Quartermaster: Father Killvik Wandercraft
2nd Mate: Christopher JUBJUB Azulah
3rd Mate: FIST (unknown)
Navigator: Raasto STARBOARD Rossom
Boatswain: NAILS (unknown)
Cooper: Lady Sayyida al Hurra
Carpenter/Surgeon: Ruk Thrant
Blacksmith: Taur’en Dis
1st Magi: Selindrax
2nd Magi: Grodkt Omulgulg
Master Gunner: Gunner Masterson
-Ogol Turge
-Rastor Halfhand
-Esta Mundail
-Fred Willard
-Turge Dhurzam

Storm Chronicle
Burning Shards

All aboard! Last call for Finns Reach!

The Serpent rejoins the crew. His holiness Killvik the Wise, my quartermaster, brings news with his tidings this morn’. A shard may be on the south-eastern Finns Reach island called The Black Mountain. The wind heeds my will. Also, Starboard is good at maps.
I send out a hunting party. Meat. Gold. Either way. Follow the map, find some Freebooters. Kill most. Nab a hat. Real big. The slithering serpent Selindrax sentences spoliation! I digress, find a volcano and almost die. So, how do you beat an unbelievably powerful swashbuckling wizard, a pissed off super-demon, a horde of undead soldiers and 4 fire golems? You don’t. I think i died. I got stabbed some. Been stabbed before. Be stabbed again. Don’t know how I got to my ship. They say I have two now. Who has more ships than thumbs? this guy!…to soon. Finns Reach Half a Star

Elsin Burns

Trade routes in Hindle have been brought to a near standstill as reports are flooding in about an assault on Elsin.

From multiple sources we are seeing multiple casualties the city, along with the neighboring forest, are still ablaze.

The only information this reporter could obtain at this time was a small interview with Madam Bigsby of Madam Bigsby’s Discount. Brothel and Daycare.

“Large man came inta town, had a decent group wit’em. Said he was looking for a snake monster and a High Orc. We tol’ ’em there were neither of those set foot in this place!” She sighs “Claimed us liners… Den’ he started the fire”

Seeming to be under a great deal of distress I left her to her confined quarters. However I feel there is more information to be gained… In time.

For now, Elsin burns.

George Strutz

Storm Chronicles
Captains Log

Leave Eelson headin’ tward the X. We head through the woods. The woods were in a bad neighborhood, with dinosaurs. My best guess? 50 or 60 in total. The smallest had to be near half as tall as a ships mast. Killed em all, Brinn ate a few. One ate my hand. In town, I buy a new one. We buy passage cross the channel on a ferry called the Sturdy Maiden. Bad poker players. Great waitress. The shark tells me there are pirates. We mean to test their mettle. They fail our test. What do 23 pirates, a carpenter and an alchemist have in common? Give up? So did they. I nearly empty the coffers. I send Killvik with my ship to fill em back up. The Sturdy Maiden 4.5 stars. -Me (As recorded by Brinn)

Jungle Orcs got to my X before we did. The leader called Brinn my pet. So I let him off his leash. We added a Dwarf smith and a Jungle Wizard to the crew. Brinn is as bad with women as you can be. Can’t say I’ve never been slapped like that…but i figured he’d a leart somethin’ watchin’ me work so often. No skin off my back. I add to my box. Treasures nearin’ respectable. Orc camp needed work – half a star. -Me (As recorded by Brinn)

Diary Excerpt: Brinn 2

Rough month. Left Elsin heading towards ’Doch’s hoard and got attacked by lizards. Big, cunning, and speedy bastards. The Snake did something with his wand and then it all got a little hazy as it sometimes does with good killing.

When my vision cleared, the snake was buried under good meat and ‘Doch was short a hand. I stopped the bleeding as best I could, but I doubt he would have lasted all the way to town had it not been for the roving C’Vahn traders we ran into. Patched him up & provided him with prosthetics. ‘Doch has weird taste. Salindrax went with them, but he’s to catch up with us in the next town.

Caught a ferry in the next town. Then caught a pirate ship, the latter a bit bloodier and more permanent. Its Cap’n (“Captain” is only used for by “landlubbers”) ’Doch now.

There was trouble with the horde. Not too much trouble for ’Doch & I, though. Picked up a couple useful hands for the ship. A Seaborn girl was there too, but she was shaken up, and ran as soon as we cut her free.

I hope she found her way below. And I wonder why I didn’t follow her. I grow listless. Perhaps this ship will reawaken my zest for life.

— Brinn

Storm Chronicles
Hangman's Noose

I don’ know why they be hangin’ me this mornnin. Somthin’ bout a ferret? They open my cell door clubs in hand. I tell em I got a club of my own for em. They were impressed. who wouldn be? No big deal. Aenematheria shines her light, like always, I escape. Brinn helps. We take the Eel too. 50 copper says theyre fightin over fish by the weeks end. I give Coalshire 2 stars all considered. Stop in on our way back through. -Me (As recorded by Brinn)

Map say we go through Eelsun, so we go. The Shark tells me about a shard in a cave of freebooters. I finally found a real fight. Been months at least since i been in a real scrap like this with someone who can keep up. Brinn saves my ass again. I coulda done it though on my own. I coulda. Probly. Her name was Big Rhonda. Or somethin like that. I’ll be ready next time. Eelsun, 5 stars. -Me (As recorded by Brinn)

Diary excerpt: Brinn
Brinn's notes

Ran into trouble in Coalshire. Murdoch got drunk and stole a ferret. Took half the black powder in the mines to get him free. And the Reptilian. Murdoch swore he was innocent; didn’t seem quite right to leave him.

Guards nearly caught us at the gate, but Doch & I are learning to fight rather well together. The Snake seems to be a hedge mage of some kind, and offered some small assistance.

Murdoch keeps talking about stopping there on the way back for some reason. Seems foolhardy to me.

Excerpt 2:
Insling was the quickest route to Murdoch’s hoard, though not necessarily the safest. Plenty of fish to eat, though.

With so many Woodwalkers around, I had to disguise Doch of course, and turns out that Snake is an Artfificed. An affront to god they say, but who am I to judge? He’s useful enough, can’t ask for more than that.

While Doch defiled himself with the local “talent”, Silindrix and I asked around and found some local work in a nearby cavern. This simple bandit camp seems to have lead to a greater goal with more lofty rewards. Isn’t that the way? Hopefully it takes us toward the sea. My eyes itch & my lungs burn from all this dry air.


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