Edward Murdoch "BlackStorm"

Long John Silver the Orc


South Sea Chronicle 1st Annual List of Most Eligible Bachelors:
We recently caught up with Blackstorm to find out how it feels to be rated as The Migrant Fleets 57th most eligible bachelor and he had this to say “57th!? So Low!?” Well there you have it folks. As incredulous as he is handsome.

South Sea Chronicle 2nd Annual List of Most Eligible Bachelors:
So Blackstorm, after a rash of mysteriously inexplicable deaths, you’ve jumped 57 spots this year to be crowned the most eligible bachelor on sea legs. Hows it feel being number 1? “Me!? Number 1? I don’t know what to say. Top 10 for sure but number 1? Wow…I just don’t know what I’ve don’t to deserve this honor.” We think we know Blackstorm. We think we know.


Born into High Orc nobility, Reginald Archibald von Flappybottom and his radiant young wife The Dutchess Princess Regina Ruktoom were exuberant in the news that they should have a son. Never more proud than the day he joined the Royal Navy. Never more ruined than the day the bastard pirate John took him from them. The community mourned with them as their sons name was etched forever into the Mourning Wall of the capitol. Black days indeed. Months of terrible storms, following the funeral, seemingly without end, marked their mourning period the Winter of the BlackStorm.

Edward Murdoch "BlackStorm"

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