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Born into the lap of luxury, Brinn’ann Al’Huron Theissureilia was an Aquarians noble, 6th of the line of succession of the Mar’duk of Mur’Arra; Ag’L’Thor Shzaen Mar’Theissureilia, Long May His Memory Live. Like most Nobles of Mur’Arra, he was instructed in the ways of reading, arithmetic, history, and trained in hunting and social etiquette. By all accounts, he was a happy child, well adjusted and well loved.

He was killed in the Warming of Waters along with his entire line. Survived only by an aged cousin. A sheller of E’Namina.

The small bones of Brinn’ann Al’Huron Theissureilia are buried with those of his family, encased in the DeepStone of Hal’Farthen as is the custom with Aquarian nobility.

- Newspaper clipping -
Cold Case: Murder at Sea

The Wolf of the Sea was the most feared assassin in all the Nine. He could strike anywhere, at any time, moving by unknown means. As such, he seemed to specialize in targets on ships at sea, earning his colorful nickname. There was no defense for him, no shelter, and no avenue for escape.

A freelance assassin, it is unknown how he got his contracts or how he received payment. No “employer” ever met him face to face and no target ever survived his attack.

Seemingly retired for nearly two years, the Wolf’s whereabouts are currently unknown. There are rumors of his death in the criminal underworld; tales of an assassination gone wrong.

We at the Dockside Press cannot vouch for the validity of these claims, but we would be remiss to not report them.

As always, we encourage any information you may have be given to the Dockside Press or your local constabulary. It is by the aid of our readers that we are able to help law enforcement close so many of these old case files.

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